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Recycle Beeswax? We do it!

Beeswax Co. is always looking for new ways to get involved and give back to the community, whether it’s through educational events, workshops, speaking engagements or philanthropy. When customers and beekeepers who know the incredible efforts of the honeybee (In order to produce 1lb. of beeswax, a honeybee needs to consume approximately 8lbs. of honey!) started returning their beeswax scraps from candle remnants, it got us thinking… We toyed with the idea of donatable candles that we poured into recycled baby-food jars and various other reused vessels, and while we could find people to donate to, these candles didn’t seem to be as well received as the hand-burnished artisan candles we are known for. So, we figured, why try and reinvent the wheel when we have a product people love? It was then we decided to recycle returned beeswax candle scraps into donatable artisan beeswax candles, where we could put emphasis on finding outstanding organizations doing good in and around our community. That is how our recycled beeswax program got started.


To begin the process, our customers return their discarded beeswax to Beeswax Co. We first weigh and document the beeswax, checking for purity and indications that the beeswax originated from us and is 100% pure. Once we collect a sizable amount, the scrap beeswax is slowly melted down and carefully cleaned. We then hand pour each candle into our original candle molds, and continue to follow the normal candle making process, including the finishing touch – our custom hand burnish.

Recently, Beeswax Co. partnered with Sustainable Food Center (SFC), donating beeswax candles from our recycling program to their 10th Annual Farm to Plate event. SFC is a sustainable food center that assists in creating a healthy community in the Austin area. SFC has numerous programs that support the local food system and help others receive nutritional education, as well as access to healthy foods. Members of the community enjoy the SFC Farmers’ Markets that are open year-round, offering a variety of goods at three different Austin locations: The Triangle; Sunset Valley; and Guadalupe Street Downtown.

Beeswax Co. recently had the opportunity to speak with Jess Gaffney, from SFC, about their annual farm to plate event. Jess discussed how the Farm to Plate event has changed and grown over the years, from its beginnings at one small farmers’ market to this year’s event held at Barr Mansion, raising over 200,000 dollars. SFC also celebrated their 10th anniversary of the Farm to Plate event this year, making this particular event extra special. They hosted over 30 chefs, who came to participate and demonstrate gratitude for local farmers who provide them with fresh produce for their kitchens. The event is a remarkable way to honor the farmers who produce the food cooked in local Austin restaurants we know and love.

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Attending SFC’s Farm to Plate event, or even organizing family and friends to purchase a table together, is a wonderful way to support Austin’s local food producers. Additionally, dinning at the restaurants that participate in SFC’s Farm to Plate event, assists in supporting local food producers year-round. SFC’s website is full of additional resources on ways to give back to the community, as well as ways you can help in upcoming events. Their website can be viewed through the following link: http://sustainablefoodcenter.org.


We were honored to be able to donate to such an import organization, bringing awareness to sustainable food practices. Beeswax Co. takes great pride in utilizing sustainable resources, of which little goes to waste, as even the smallest scraps of beeswax in the shop are filtered and re-used. We are always interested in learning about new non-profits or philanthropic organizations that might benefit from our recycled beeswax program, so feel free to send any suggestions our way.  Also, don’t forget to send us any leftover remnants of your beeswax candles to help support the bees and lighten their load while giving back at the same time!


Beeswax can be returned via mail to:


Beeswax Co.

Beeswax Recycling Program

120 Frog Pond Ln., Bldg. A-100

Dripping Springs, TX 78620