Because beeswax is beautiful.

We love hand-crafting 100% pure beeswax candles. Beeswax is a natural, renewable resource. Beeswax candles emit a bright, healthful light within the same spectrum as the sun — plus negative ions that clean the air and invigorate the body. Beeswax burns longer, drips less, and smells wonderful, naturally. Intrigued? Shop beeswax candles to experience the difference for yourself.

burning beeswax candles

How to Burn Bright

Get the best from your beeswax candles.

burning beeswax candles

Make Good with Beeswax

Put odds and ends of beeswax to good use.


For the Love of Bees

Ever wondered how these powerful pollinators bring such beautiful things to life? Let’s explore!


Want More Facts on Beeswax?

We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions plus some little-known tidbits for you!