Our Story

Howdy, from our hearts to your home.

We don’t mind telling you, our family is obsessed with beeswax.
We use grand-daddy’s beekeeping tools to burnish each candle we make by hand. We think of our work as a beautiful collaboration between people and bees.


Each step in our hand-crafted process is designed to bring out the natural beauty and healthy burning properties of the 100% pure beeswax we get from Texas beekeepers.

Here’s how we hand-craft the candles you love.


1. Collect

We begin by making friends with local Texas beekeepers. After each honey flow — the time of biggest honey production for busy bees — we head out to collect combs bees no longer need.

Natural beeswax ranges in color from the palest ivory to sunny yellow, mellow golds and tans to toasty caramel. We collect thousands of pounds of wax across this honey-toned rainbow.

We pile up so much raw beeswax, we barely have room for anything else. When things start getting crowded, it’s time to start clarifying.



2. Clarify

We gently melt raw beeswax and siphon off impurities — even down to the size of a grain of pollen. As we do, our shop fills with honeyed scents from Texas wildflowers, fragrant prairie grasses, citrus, herbs — and even tantalizing hints of wild berry.


Much like the bouquet of a fine wine, the aroma of pure beeswax varies depending on what the bees who made it were pollinating. Our process brings out the natural beauty the bees captured in the first place. We never add artificial ingredients or toxic colorants to our candles.

With an exacting eye, we check for clarity, then burn a test candle — noting flame height and integrity — before we call a batch of beeswax done.



3. Pour

To craft a quality candle, you’ve got to know your beeswax. Some candles require a slow hand. Others get persnickety if kept waiting. We hand-pour each of ours according to temperament — in molds we’ve collected or built over the years.

You see, we’ve taken the time to play with every size, shape, and proportion. We’ve tinkered with speed, temperature, and technique. Our finely honed instincts allow us to pour a quality candle for you, every time.

If we’re perfectionists, at least we’re consistent. We use only 100% cotton wicks in our candles. When the time is right, we hand-place the best quality wick to deliver a clean, healthful flame.


4. Finish

Before we send our candles off into the world, we take the time to add one more artisan touch. Using simple beekeeping tools handed down from grand-daddy, we burnish each candle by hand. Once again, our shop fills with the natural aromas you’ll enjoy when you burn your 100% pure beeswax candle at home. Ahh …

Is it strictly necessary to brandish a hot honey knife the way we do? Nope. In fact, it takes a little extra bravery and a lot of extra skill. But we do it because we love it — and because we want you to love it, too.

It’s just one more reason we say that our candles come straight from our hearts to your home.


What about leftover beeswax candle stubs or scraps?

Whatever we do, we strive to put every bit of beeswax to good use. Between our beeswax recipes and our beeswax recycling program, you can do the same.

We happily accept your beeswax donations. Once we’ve collected enough donated beeswax, we carefully clean it and pour fresh candles that we give to charitable organizations right here in Texas.